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TeachMeet 1.0 on Scripture Wrap Up!

Thank you to Matt, Stephen, Cushla, Whitney, Katherine, Ally and Ruth for presenting their knowledge on how to teach Scripture effectively in a classroom. Below you can view their presentation which was recorded and the resources that they provided to our audience. Thank you to our attendees - 25 teachers from 11 different schools. Well done! P.S. On reflection, we are thinking of having a maximum of four presenters speaking for between 7 - 10 minutes and, sticking to that time frame.  We also have a feedback form(click here)  which you can complete so we can make our TeachMeet 2.0 in Term Three even better! Thank you. Matt Malone - Breaking open the word

Matt's Presentation click here Matt's Notes on how to integrate Scripture into the RE Curriculum click here
Stephen Woodnut - Knowledge is Power

Stephen's presentation notes with resources. Click here
Cushla O'Connor - God says WHAT?
Cushla's presentation including links to resources. Click here
Whitney, Ally & Ka…
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Events and Action in Term Two!!

Church Strand Draft Resource Trial

We are excited to launch the Church Strand Resource that will be trialled in 31 Schools during Term Two. This trial is part of the draft Digital Resource to support the Mandated Religious Education Curriculum on Faith Alive
Earlier this week, we had two workshops for teachers at St Francis of Assisi School and Our Lady of the Assumption School. It was fantastic to see over 20 teachers from 11 different schools attend this event. We look forward to presenting our final presentation at St Joseph's School in Timaru next week.
During this presentation we completed a demonstration lesson looking at the myriad of ways that you can use this resource. An important feature of this is using class time to address student misconceptions, ask questions, guide students through new materials and build stronger learning relationships. We also discussed new digital tools and research that you can find on our presentation. 
This is an exciting time in the instructi…

Year 7 & 8 Church Strand Teaser!

We have completed thirteen video's for our Church Strand Project with Jason McTeague. Here is a Year Seven Lesson.........

What are they doing at the Catholic Education Office???

Today is Friday so let's find out what they are doing at the Catholic Education Office.........

Canterbury Religious Studies Network - Update

'Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they shall not turn from it.'
The Canterbury Religious Studies Network is a group of teachers who come together to share and discuss our teaching of Religious Studies. We currently have four faith schools involved and we are looking for more members/ schools to join us!

This is open to Primary and Secondary teachers/ schools who are interested in asking questions, seeking advice and sharing resources. Coming together as a Network allows us to form connections with others who are working on similar projects or those who are able to develop our thinking.

We have just launched our website which will provide you with details around our vision and areas of development. Click here to view our website!

To sign up and join our Network please fill in the Form below:

A key feature of our Network is the focus on 'Collective Genius'. Each individual has particular skills and knowledge. When indivi…

What has been happening in the Office?

I hope you have had a fantastic start to the year and know you will be well underway getting to know your classes and completing school events.
We were thrilled to work with two school cluster groups on RE 102 - Introduction to Spirituality and TH 101 - Introduction to Catholicism through our blended learning approach which covers 9 hours on line learning and 9 hours face to face time. This has been a significant shift in the delivery of Religious Education professional development and we are continuing to reflect on how we use the individual, group and on line spaces.

You can explore the Moodle site through this video here and if you would like to know more about Blended Learning approaches please comment on this post. 
We are looking forward to travelling around the Diocese and celebrating Catholic Schools Day Mass with you. This is an important time where we are able to come together and celebrate our Catholic faith and Education system. Be sure to take plenty of photos and please…

Online for lent - A daily retreat

Father John O'Connor has created a daily online retreat for Lent that will provide excellent spiritual nourishment for all of us. 

Consider Lent 2017 (Ash Wednesday 1st March - Easter Sunday 16th March) as a time of retreat in the midst of your daily routines and commitments with online encouragement for prayer and growth in faith.

Every day of Lent will offer resources including reflections, brief videos clips and podcasts with links to other helpful resources for your prayer, reflection and growth in faith.
These online resources have been linked to the CARITAS Units you will be using in your schools during Lent and also he will incorporate aspects of the Spiritual Renewal Programme that Father Rick is suggesting we implement.
Registering for this online retreat takes less than a minute and you will receive an email that is succinct, to the point, prayerful and will be a great way to start your day.
You can connect with this programme and Father John via Twitter and