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Year 7 & 8 Church Strand Teaser!

We have completed thirteen video's for our Church Strand Project with Jason McTeague. Here is a Year Seven Lesson.........


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Filming for the Church Strand Year 7 & 8

Today Cushla, Rory and I filmed seven lessons for The Church Strand in Years 7 - 8 with the help of Jason McTeague.
Rory discussing Jesus as teacher.
We have changed the presentation of lesson content from our initial trial completed in Term Three. We originally presented content via screen casting and have since changed this to a green screen format. The reason for this change is to increase  active learning opportunities within a lesson rather than lessons being passive 'downloads' of information.
To provide more detail on the Flipped Learning pedagogy the Church Strand is using it can be summarized as:
Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach where direct instruction and homework elements of learning are reversed. Short, “concept videos are viewed by students at home/ or in class enabling class time to be used for the application of this knowledge in projects” (Bergmann & Sams, 2014, p.7) or group discussions. To find more about the Flipped Learning pedagogy follow read …

Christchurch Religious Studies Network

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they shall not turn from it”. Proverbs 22:6

Today, teachers from Catholic Cathedral College, Marian College, Middleton Grange School and Villa Maria College gathered to discuss the teaching of Scripture within our Catholic and Integrated Schools. At the heart of our purpose is to engage students in education of faith and knowledge. The centre of our schools is the person of Jesus Christ who we look to share with our students through our witness as Religious Educators. 

The Why?
We began the meeting with the question of "Why are we here and what is important to us as Religious Educators".  The purpose of this was to recognize our shared values  with many outlining responsibility to the community, collaboration and learning as key reasons. By doing this we are encouraging a sense of community. We discussed how mutual trust and respect is needed to create a community that can only come by interaction and di…

Online for lent - A daily retreat

Father John O'Connor has created a daily online retreat for Lent that will provide excellent spiritual nourishment for all of us. 

Consider Lent 2017 (Ash Wednesday 1st March - Easter Sunday 16th March) as a time of retreat in the midst of your daily routines and commitments with online encouragement for prayer and growth in faith.

Every day of Lent will offer resources including reflections, brief videos clips and podcasts with links to other helpful resources for your prayer, reflection and growth in faith.
These online resources have been linked to the CARITAS Units you will be using in your schools during Lent and also he will incorporate aspects of the Spiritual Renewal Programme that Father Rick is suggesting we implement.
Registering for this online retreat takes less than a minute and you will receive an email that is succinct, to the point, prayerful and will be a great way to start your day.
You can connect with this programme and Father John via Twitter and