Thursday, 18 May 2017

TeachMeet 1.0 on Scripture Wrap Up!

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Thank you to Matt, Stephen, Cushla, Whitney, Katherine, Ally and Ruth for presenting their knowledge on how to teach Scripture effectively in a classroom.
Below you can view their presentation which was recorded and the resources that they provided to our audience.
Thank you to our attendees - 25 teachers from 11 different schools. Well done!
P.S. On reflection, we are thinking of having a maximum of four presenters speaking for between 7 - 10 minutes and, sticking to that time frame. 
We also have a feedback form (click here)  which you can complete so we can make our TeachMeet 2.0 in Term Three even better!
Thank you.
Matt Malone - Breaking open the word

Matt's Presentation click here
Matt's Notes on how to integrate Scripture into the RE Curriculum click here

Stephen Woodnut - Knowledge is Power

Stephen's presentation notes with resources. Click here

Cushla O'Connor - God says WHAT?

Cushla's presentation including links to resources. Click here

Whitney, Ally & Katherine - Technology & Scripture

Ruth Velluppillai - Scripture in the Classroom

Cross Curricular Resources. Click here

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